Ok, so I have another topic I am adding to my arsenal of topics. Random. Yup. I thought it was a good idea to have a spot to put random thoughts that don’t fit into any other topic…We will see how it goes.

Why random? why not…

First random topic. Triple rainbows! What do they mean? No, I’m kidding. This is not going to be about any kind of rainbow.

Why is it though, that when I want to write a post, it’s at 12:30 at night? For some reason my mind goes crazy when I want to go to sleep. Sleepy time is apparently time for all my good ideas to surface. My wife on the other hand, she can sleep through anything, and falls asleep in no time. I wish. I don’t know what that feels like. Falling asleep when your head hits the pillow. If any of you would like to let me know that would be great!

Had a good time with my family today. We had easter dinner at my parents place this week. Me and my brothers talked about preparedness stuff. I think we are going to go check out some stores this up coming weekend. See what cool ideas we can get for our 72 hour kits and the like. Possibly check out knives. I think I need to get an axe next. I cut wood this weekend with my hunting knife…would have been much easier with an axe.

I am thinking I will hit on the zombie topic soon. Possibly next post. I think it is an awesome topic. I am currently picturing it in a 4 or 5 part series. Ya, I know. More than one post?? Zombies is a detailed subject. I am already getting excited for it. So all you zombie fans out there…stay tuned!

It is every boys (and mans) dream to be an unstoppable hero. Not really the superman hero, more like the swat team hero, or the zombie destroying hero. Be so stockpiled with weapons and sweet grilled up trucks with more weapons on it. Haha, makes me think of the GI Joes I played with as a kid. Man, I should have joined the army. I suppose it’s never too late…(no, my wife would never allow it)

Well, I think that is all for my post this time. Felt good to get some random thoughts out there. More to come I’m sure. I want my blog to be more fun that just a blog. So you will see me change things up a bit. I’m still trying to find more ways to get my blog out to the masses. Any suggestions?

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