Alright, I’ve got a random post for you.

Why is it so hard to figure out what I actually want to do for a living? This question has been the bane of my existence. I have never known what I want to do. I’ve never been able to say “since I was two I have always wanted to be a…” Nope, never. I have changed my mind so many times I’m losing track. Lawyer, something with psychology, accountant, software engineer, fire fighter, cop, teacher, electrician.  None of these are my passion. Thats really what I’m missing, knowing what my passion is.

I have a passion for public speaking, but I don’t know of a good way into a career with that. And no I do not actually want to be a teacher. It would be awesome to get paid to travel the world and speak to tons of people from a stage. Not sure how to get into something like that. Write a book?

We recently had a polite nudge from a bishop who recommended that we take a look at what we are doing now and if we aren’t happy then find something that will make us happy. I actually really needed that nudge. I feel I have not been taking life very seriously. Just taking jobs here and there. Hoping some opportunity pops up. Not that I don’t like what I do, I just don’t see a career in it.

So, My most recent ideas have been cop or pilot. I’m looking into both at the moment. More leaning toward the pilot. I took an intro flight with the Calgary flying club. I paid $75.00, flew over downtown and on the way back to the little air field the pilot let me take controls. Oh man, it was awesome. I would love to fly helicopter, or a fighter jet, haha, who wouldn’t want to fly one of those. Honestly I just want to fly anything right now.

The problem is $$. It can cost between $9000 and $14000 to get your private pilots license depending on how fast you can get it done. No student loans for that either. So I have to try to come up with an extra $10000+/- so I can get moving towards being a pilot. It’s not going to be easy…but man is flying awesome.

Anyways, as you can see there is a lot on my mind. Trying to figure out what will make me happy, give me meaning, and help me be a good provider for my family. And I’m 30 for heavens sake…Wait…am I having a midlife crisis???

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