Not sure where to start with your preparedness plan? Don’t have the cash to drop on your 72 hour kits/go bags and supplies that go with them? Don’t worry, I know a great place to start your preparedness plan: Your Go-Book. Your Go-Book is a binder or folder that contains all your information. If you’re told to evacuate, you grab this book along with your 72 hour kits and the rest of your family and you leave. If your house burns down, or is taken away in a flood, all information about you could be burned or damaged. The idea behind the Go-Book is to have all information about your life in one spot. Anything and everything you or anyone else would need to know should be in this book. By the time you’re done filling in this book, it may weigh more than your first born. This project will not be completed in one sitting, but it is still a great place to start.

Because there is so much information that goes into your go-book, my advice is to set up a schedule, maybe once a week, where you take time to fill in one or more requirements. So let’s get into it.  Here’s 10 things you should have in your Go-Book:

1. Evacuation Plan

2. Emergency Contacts

3. Medical Information

4. Insurance Information

5. Financial Information

6. Estate Planning

7. Personal Identification

8. 72 Hour Emergency Kit Planning

9. Food Storage Inventory/Planning

10. Other

For the next 10 weeks I am going to hit on one of these 10 things and break it down for you. I will show you what we have been doing in our Go-Book to help give you ideas of what it should look like. We have barely started ours so this will be a great way for us to all work on it at the same time and get it done in just 10 weeks!

One idea I wanted to mention in here was sending your actual documents to someone else’s house. That way they are safe either way (unless that persons house burns down…but let’s not go there). Just keep copies in your home. If you need the actual document (passport for example), then just arrange to pick it up before your trip. Of course you will want to keep track of who has your actual documents. Last thing you want to do right before a trip is forget who has your passports.

Here’s what you should do before next week:

1. Get a binder. Any binder will do.

2. Get paper. Grid is preferred. We will be talking about Evacuation plans next week so be prepared to draw your floor plan. You can actually print off Go-Book templates. They aren’t necessary but it could help. We will be building a template as we go that we will have available at the end for anyone who wants it.

3. Get a pen. Sorry, no pencils. And no funny colored pens, stick to blue or black (really it doesn’t matter, just a pet peeve of mine).

4. Do wrist stretches. This will be a lot of writing so get those writing wrists ready!

There’s your list of things to do before next week. I may be giving out homework after each post for the next 10 weeks. Sorry but it will help out with getting your Go-Book done and getting you one step closer to being a preparedness all-star!

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