passport-36963_1280I apologize for the lack of posting. With everything in the news about ISIS and the refugees and France I have gained a new motivation to get these posts up here. We need to get this stuff done. We are sheltered in here Canada, though I feel not for long. We will be running into similar situations as in France. We need to be prepared!

So, with this on our minds lets finish this Go-Book.

Personal Identification.

This topic is one of the main reasons you want to keep your Go-Book grey or hidden. It will contain all of your personal information. But having this information with you when disaster strikes will be vital.

In this section of your Go-Book you will not only write down the following information but should also include hard copies:

Name. Include your full name.

Relationship. Either pick a head of house hold and specify your relationship to them, or you can simply specify “parent” and “child”.

SIN/Social Security. This is often used as another form of ID. If someone (police, doctor, bank, etc) need to verify who you are, this number is often requested.

Health Insurance. In disasters or other emergencies this will be vital. Having to go to a different clinic because you are not able to get to your regular clinic can be frustrating if you cant show your health insurance card.

Drivers License. A vital form of ID. Doesn’t count as your real drivers license so make sure you still have the real license on you. But the copy does work as ID.

Passport id page. Again, another vital piece of ID. The copy wont get you across the border but it will at least be another photo ID of yourself or family member.

You will also want to include your physical passport, family photos, and some cash. The cash total is up to you, but it should be kept in small denominations. Getting change may not be possible, so buying a $2.00 bottle of water with a $20 would suck. Keep some fives and tens on you instead of higher bills. Some change would also be a good idea┬ábut again it’s up to you. We decided not to because if becomes heavy and bulky quite quickly.

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