aesculapian-307609_640This week we are going to be putting in our medical information. Not only will this be extremely helpful in an emergency situation, but it will also be helpful to just have this information written down. Having one location for the phone numbers of your doctors, pharmacists, dentists and the like will make it quite handy when you simply need to give them a call.

We’ve included a few other things under the medical information. If the company you work for gives you benefits, this would be a great spot to write that information down. I had to look it up this week because I wasn’t sure exactly what my benefits covered. You might be surprised at what is covered, like massage therapy.

Here is what we included on our medical information sheet:

Medical Professional. You want to put their name, the description of what they do (family doctor, obstetrician, dentist, etc), and their phone number. Under their description, you could put the name of the clinic, or the address.

Health Insurance. For each family member, put their provincial or state (if you have it) health card number. You will also want to include any benefits you and your spouse get from the companies you work for. That should include the name of the company your benefits are through and the policy number. It’s nice to have all this info when you lose your wallet, which had all your health insurance cards in it. You will still be able to let your health professionals know the policy number. That way you can still receive help while you wait for your replacement cards to arrive in the mail.

Prescriptions. Here you want to list each family member, their prescription, and the pharmacy you get it from. The pharmacists name and number should be located under the first section of this chapter, Medical Professional, but this could also be a great place to put their contact information so all your prescription information is in one spot.

Other Medical Information. This could be a spot to include things like any illnesses in your family history. Most health professionals ask if you have any of the major diseases in your family history. You would want to include the family members name and what they had or have. It will save you time and effort to have it already written down so when you go to a new doctor or have to let anyone know, you can give them all that information. This could also be a good spot to list allergies you or your family member have. In fact, I would make sure you include allergies in this section. This is a great section for babysitters or care givers to look to find out what foods or medicines to avoid when dealing with your family members. The last idea I have for this section is blood type. If you know it, you should include you and your family members blood type in this section.

I would love to hear what other Medical Information you think should be included in this section. Please comment and let me know what your ideas are!

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