FinancialInformationThis section is an important one. This doesn’t just include how much you have in your savings account but everything pertaining to your finances. Again, having all this information written down will save your life. If we can’t get on a computer, or phone lines are down, it will be very convenient to have all this info written in one place.

I don’t think I can hammer this point enough. This is not only your Go-Book, but your Go-To-Book. Having all the information in one place will be very helpful when dealing with your finances.

One point I do want to make as well is since this book has all your information in it, some of which is very private, you will want to hide this book somewhere or camouflage. Especially when you are done with this section.

Here’s what to include in your financial information section:

Bank Accounts

Include Financial institution and type of account. Is it a savings our chequing account? How to contact the financial institution and any log-ins for online banking. Yes, write down both username and password, or at least a clue to the password.

Credit Cards. Include Financial institution, their contact info, type of credit card , name on the card and the card number. You may also want to write down the expiry and the security code. I have three ideas for keeping that secure. One is make your Go-Book a ‘grey book’. That means it is blended in with the rest of your books. Don’t title it “This is all my important information book”. Maybe title it something like “Computer Programing for beginners”, or ” Financial Know-How.” That way when someone comes into your home, they wont see your “emergency book” and take it so they can take your identity.

The second idea is to write down your credit card info in a way that only you know how to read it. Put the expiry and the security code in the middle of another made up number. You could pretend you have two of what ever cards you have. So if you have one visa pretend you have two. One visa number is the regular number and the second one is your  secret expiry / security code number. eg. regular visa: 4520 0879 9890 9989. Secret number 4520 0216 4346 7876. All visas start with 4520, so it would be good to start your secret one the same. Then just remember that the next 7 numbers are your secret numbers. 0216 is the expiry, and 434 is the security code. Just an idea.

Another idea is to hide your book. Just don’t forget where you hid it.

investments/RRSP etc

Include type of investment, where the investment is held, the account number, and the approximate value. Often these are questions your bank or financial institution will ask you to verify it is really you they are talking to. You will also want to write whose names are on the investment.

Credit Reports

Include the paper copy of your credit reports.


Include Institution from which you received the loan, their contact info, Loan number, who holds the loan, and the approximate balance. The balance would best be written in pencil so it can be updated. This section is where you would write your mortgage information.

Tax Returns

Include a copy of your current tax return

Key to safety deposit box

Include the key, or a description of where the key is. Again, try to protect it as well. If it is at your moms house, then try to say that with out saying “at moms house”. Maybe say “Shes a first class lady.”

Next week we will be going over the estate planning that should be included. This is the section of important things that no one really wants to do. The not exciting stuff.

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