GhostBustersI am sure for most of you, your emergency contacts list usually consists of your spouse, and not much more. Or if you’re not married, then one of your parents. Since we are doing this emergency contact list for our go-books, we will want to make a larger list of emergency contacts.

I know I have said this before but we always need a backup plan, and your backup plan needs a back up plan. The same is for your emergency contacts. It’s good to have your one emergency contact. That is better than nothing, but what do you do if you can’t get a hold of that one person. What do you do next?

I remember back in the day, before cell phones, we would memorize each others phone numbers. It was big deal to remember that cute girls number, because then she knew you really did like her. Now-a-days though, who memorizes numbers anymore? Not me. I just store it in my phone. This poses a large problem.

Your phone dies. Who do you call? (Not the ghost busters…I guess you might, depends on the emergency I suppose) You call your main emergency contact right? So, can you say what their number is right now without looking at your phone? Great job if you can! Not shocked if you can’t.

So now that your phone is dead and it turns out you haven’t memorized your main persons number (chances are this will be your spouse and is the only other number you would have memorized), how do you call them to let them know of the emergency?

This is why writing them down in your go go-book is such a good idea. Your phone is not the only phone in the world, so as long as you can borrow one or find a land line you will be able to call anyone on your list.

Who to include

Here is who I suggest be included on your list of emergency contacts:

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Church leaders,

4. Parents of your children’s friends.

5. Gas

6. Electric

7. Poison Control

8. Police

9. Hospital

What to include on your list

Here is what I suggest be included on your list of emergency contacts:

1. Are they a key holder to your home? Y/N

2. Do they have a 2-way radio? Y/N If yes, what channel will they be communicating on?

3. Name

4. Main phone number

5. Other phone number

6. Address

That’s it. Not much. But you want to do this for as many people you can think of. The more you have on your list, the more ‘backup plans’ you have.


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