Well, it’s another sunday night/monday morning so another post is in order. I’ve been sitting on the thoughts from my last post for a week and this is how I feel.

We are moving toward the pilot idea. I took the intro flight and man, flying feels good. We have made some decisions and taken some action to move toward becoming a pilot. It’s going to take some time but I feel that it is the right thing to do. That’s the important thing right? That it feels right?

Anyways. Now we are changing the way we think and everything is about how to get me into an airplane and receiving a private pilots license. The hardest part is waiting. Not being able to just jump into it and get it done. Saving money to pay for it up front (it’s cheaper that way).  We are trying to think different. How to make extra money to put into my flying fund. We have a few ideas. Gabby is running a day home to bring in some extra, we started an amway business a while ago, and of course, I have a job. Now we are trying to think of other ways to bring in more. The private pilot license is $10,000 and unless that’s sitting in our couch, we need to do some saving.

It’s tough when you find something you want to do but can’t afford to go and do it. Frustrating mostly. What do we cut? We already don’t have TV. Cut internet? Why is it hard to chase your dreams? Or am I just too impatient? I had someone say it’s cheaper to buy a plane than to rent one for experience. yikes. Did the math. It is true. It’s cheaper by about $100,000. But really? Just go buy a plane?

Anyways, another venting post. Just typing my thoughts out while watching runner runner in Fort McMurray at 1:30 am…

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