Be the Gray Man

Be the Gray Man

CrowdI have always wanted to be an army spy or something cool like that. When I look at getting survival gear I am attracted to the tactical style. I think I look legit and it makes me feel invincible. There’s only one problem. I look legit.

The problem with looking like a legit tactical expert is you will stand out from the crowd. You will appear to have the right and the best survival gear known to man. That means those who do not have any gear will come to you for yours. So how can we still be a tactical survival expert without standing out like a sore thumb?

Be the Gray Man

This is a survivalist term that means to blend in. Camouflage does not only mean wearing desert or woodland gear. According to, Camouflage means “The concealing of personnel and equipment from an enemy by making them appear as part of the natural surroundings.” This can mean a desert, a wooded area, or a crowd. How do you blend into a crowd? What camouflage is there for a crowd? Try to look like everyone else. That way when people scan the crowd their brain doesn’t pick out your weird dress code. Why is that guy wearing so much woodland camo? Weird.

This is a tough thing to do. I find I really want to look cool and super prepped. The problem is I will walk around with a target on my back. So what can we do to accomplish becoming the gray man?

1. No logos. The number 1 goal is not only to blend in, but to not create stimulus in others. If you wear a Calgary flames hat it may also cause someone to want to strike up a conversation about the last game.

2. Use common sense. Being the Gray Man will be different depending on location. You will dress different if you are at a grocery store compared to a college campus or a church. Know the area you are going to and dress and act accordingly.

3. Know it will be difficult. Being the Gray Man. The point is to “not be there.” Human nature says you want the attention. You want people to notice you. You want credit for something. Even if you successfully achieve being the Gray Man, you desire credit for it. You want to share your success with others. Being the Gray Man means going against that and not seeking attention or credit. It will be difficult.

4. It is a process. This is something that takes time. There’s not point in waking up one morning deciding to be the Gray Man when you’ve shown everyone on your block your gun collection. When SHTF, they are running to your house for cover. It would have been better for you to simply disappear. No one really knew too much about you. And that’s good.

5. Lastly, it is nearly impossible to achieve. That doesn’t mean don’t try. Just realize it is impossible to actually be invisible. But let’s do our best to blend in. That way when the zombies come, we wont have to worry about other people trying to kill us as well.

Brain Dump

Brain Dump

Wow, my mind is full right now. So many things to think about. Which one to write about?

Zombie apocalypse seems right around the corner. Just google ebola virus and there are articles of 3 patients who died and were “resurrected”. Granted they may have been thought as dead, but still. Bodies appearing lifeless then coming back. Apparently one of the women who came back spent 2 days in a room with no food or medicine prior to coming back. But then again there are sites claiming it is all a hoax. I’m telling you, one of these days it’s going to hit our door step and we still wont believe it.

Conference was this weekend. For those of you who don’t know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This weekend we had our second General Conference of the year. First one was the first week of April. It was an awesome conference, as always. A lot of great talks. I liked how they have now allowed speakers to speak in their native tongues and having subtitles on the TVs. They all used to speak English. We are getting quite the representation of nationalities at conference. It is a wonderful thing.

Talked quite a bit tonight about preparation with one of my brothers. It’s a hot topic right now with me if you can’t tell. It’s hard for it not to be when you look at the news and see things like ISIS doing whatever they want. I can’t imagine the scene the prophets like John the Revelator saw of our day. They speak of bloodshed and chaos. It hurts my stomach seeing what has been done and that’s only a few pictures. John saw it all. I don’t know how he could have handled it. These things almost seem unreal.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative but these topics have been in my mind this week. How blessed I feel right now to live in this amazing country. Still we need to prepare for anything. Could be a flood, loss of power, loss of a job, or an attack. Either way it is pretty dang smart to have something on hand in case the SHTF!

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 4. Finale

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 4. Finale

Alright, lets finish off this zombie topic.

Final type is Fast Smart.

Worst case scenario and most probable. A great example of this is “I am Legend”. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. These zombies are strong, fast, and even smart enough to set up traps. How messed up is that? Not only are you running for your life from zombies, but they are setting up traps to capture you and then, Im assuming, kill you. Many people actually believe the creatures in I am Legend are NOT zombies, but some type of vampire. Either way, they are not normal humans that were infected with a “cure for cancer” that had terrible side effects 3 years later.

How could this happen? According to the movie, curing cancer caused the outbreak. Most likely though, it would probably be caused by a military experiment, trying to get super soldiers who can run faster, sleep less, and are stronger. Something goes wrong with the chemical or procedure they use and now the super solder can’t think normally. They turn back to survival instincts only and may view everyone as a threat. Some how they can sense who is also “infected” or otherwise affected by the same procedure.

What can you do to prepare for when this kind of zombie hits? Nothing. We are all screwed when this type hits. They are faster, smarter, and stronger than you. You definitely want to have lots of weapons, know how to survive on your own in the wilderness, and trust no one. My idea would be to go up north as far as I can. I don’t know for sure if the cold would have a huge effect on them, but Hitler lost Russia because of the winter so I’m hoping the zombies wont be able to last through it either. 

Well, honestly is there going to be a zombie apocalypse? Probably not. The most likely situation you will be dealing with is a natural disaster of grande proportions and other people trying to pilfer your stuff. Sadly, in all zombie movies, not only are we fighting zombies, but we are also fighting each other. We all should be prepared enough for when the power goes out, or the city cuts the water supply. I am really hoping there is never a day I have to defend my family and belongings from others, zombie or not, from killing us and taking our stuff. 

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 3.

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 3.

*WORLD WAR Z SPOILER ALERT* Read at your own risk

Zombie Type 3: Fast Dumb.

A good example of this is World War Z and 28 days later. For those who haven’t seen World War Z, the zombies are virus infected, and have to bite someone else to spread it. They run very fast, tackling people to the ground and then chew on a body part and them move onto the next person. The one bitten is very quickly turned into another fast running machine who wants to bite the next victim. They are dumb because there is no common sense. They climb all over each other trying to get at the victims, they turn corners like water does, by hitting the wall and ricocheting into the new direction. They bust windows with their head, never a smart idea. All they do is run really fast and only stop to bite someone. 28 days later is a rage virus. Still very much human, but not in control. Now the rage reigns supreme.

Likely hood of this one happening? High. This one could be a virus or something like a military experiment gone wrong. Trying to make super soldiers that can sleep less and run faster. Some kind of side effect makes them in a constant state of rage. I could see if happening. Maybe not on a global scale but I could see if happening.

What can you do to prepare for when this kind of zombie hits? Start running, now, or get a armoured vehicle. You need to be faster then they are. Well, actually according to World War Z, you just need to get sick, and for 28 days later the “cure” was the non-infected leave Europe and come to the Americas, but still, get your running on. Even the fortifications they built in the movie didn’t keep them out. They just climbed over each other until they had made a pile of raging zombies high enough that some started falling over the wall into the “safe zone”. What then? Well, get your running on and you may be fine. The issue here is that these zombies are probably using all their bodies strength plus a bit more to run faster then the body probably should, so you’re not likely to out run them. As long as you can out smart them, you should be fine. This is where you either need to ALWAYS be on the move, or make the craziest fortification ever, or both with an armoured vehicle. The last option is probably not likely unless you know in advance they are coming. So you will probably have to always be on the move. The only reason sickness is what saved people was because the virus could detect a sick person and only wanted to infect healthy hosts. The thing is, we can’t expect the virus to actually sense or care that the host is sick or not. Better safe then sorry in my opinion. GET YOUR RUN ON!

Avoiding high dense populated areas is also a good idea. Head out to the woods. This is where your 72 hour kits and previous preparation comes in handy. You will need to have some food and supplies set aside because the last thing you want to do is go back into the city where those crazy raging marathon runners are biting everyone.

The good thing about virus infected zombies is there is normally always a cure. Since the virus is not airborne, we may just have to hop over the ocean and all will be well. Unless it is a human created virus and released on all continents…then we are screwed. That’s when I would hope that World War Z got it right and all we have to do is give each other the flu.

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 2.

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 2.

Ok, onto the next type of zombie. Slow smart

One thing to point out before I get to far into this one is that when a zombie apocalypse happens there is a very high chance that there will be different types of zombies running around at the same time. You may have all 4 types to fight off. One example is fast smart zombies taking over the world but then you have some that are injured in some way, maybe missing a leg, or its broken, and now you have a slow smart flesh eating machine. One guy has brain damage  but is still able to run fast (dumb fast), and then you have brain damaged injured zombies (slow dumb) walking or limping around.

Anyways,  these slow smart guys are unable to move quickly but are smart enough to use weapons and wait in the shadows until someone is vulnerable. They could set up booby traps or hunt their prey. This is definitely not best case scenario but it’s also not worst case. They are slow, easily out run, but if you fall for one of their traps, or aren’t paying attention as you walk into that dark alley or abandoned building, your probably dead.

Most likely these types of zombies are caused by some kind of virus or experimentation. One that doesn’t kill them per se, but takes away their ability to rationalize or have a conscience. Basically it would be a world being hunted by a bunch of slow moving psychopaths. They are smart because they still have their human problem solving abilities, but are slow because they are injured. Their body won’t allow them to run, or the virus has caused them to lose the ability to react quickly.

What can you do to prepare for when this kind of zombie hits? Focus on being fast. These guys are slow, so if you can have amazingly fast reflexes you should probably be ok. The only down side is you may become super paranoid thinking everything that moves is out to eat you. Which may not be a bad thing, better safe then eaten right? You will need to learn how to always be on alert though. Knowing they are laying traps and using weapons changes how you should scrounge around. Finding the “jackpot” supply load could actually be a trap.

Likely hood of this type hitting? Higher than the undead walking, but not as high as the last two types. I wouldn’t spend most of my time thinking about how to fight off these guys. Since it’s a high probability that they are slow because they are injured, coming across one would pretty much mean only one thing…I have worse things to worry about…fast smart.

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 1.

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 1.

Laugh all you want. It’s bound to happen.

I was talking to my brother a while back and he mentions there are about 4 or 5 types of zombies and through my research, and I guess depending on who you talk to, there can be up to 350 types…I wont go there. I’m going to focus on 4 types of zombies:
                    Slow Dumb       Fast Dumb
                    Slow Smart       Fast Smart

This will be a 4 or 5 part series. Each post will be about a different type and the likely hood of it happening…general likely hood. No statistics here.

So, slow dumb. This is the best case scenario but the least likely to ever happen. This is the undead. Those in the grave walk. Unlikely because we know (so far) that the dead don’t walk. Yes there are types of zombies other than the undead, and I will get into that in other posts.

To give you an idea of the slow dumb zombies you can watch The Walking Dead or Shaun of the Dead. Bodies are falling apart. They walk slowly, and when in groups can run, but they don’t sprint. They are as dumb as a post. Don’t know how to get through or over a fence, how to open a door, etc.

This is the best case scenario type because as long as your faster and have at least an IQ of 1, you can probably survive. Unless you are part of the initial outbreak…then sorry. Keep on the move and you should be fine. The reason this type of zombie exists in idea is because I feel it is the best for movies. Nothing gives you more suspense than knowing there is something slow that will eventually kill you. Slowly the masses turn, and theres nothing you can do about it. At least that’s the feeling you get during the movie.

Being that it is the best case scenario, what can you do to be prepared for when this type of zombie hits? Doesn’t take much. Have a food storage, a go bag. Other than that you should have time to scrounge up stuff while your on the move. Weapon of choice would be anything but my bare hands.

Sadly this is the least likely to ever happen, so when the zombie apocalypse arrives, we wont be so lucky.