We went on a hike today on Mount Washington. It was refreshing to spend time in the woods. I don’t get out as often as I would like to living in Calgary.

It reminded me of Moses 6:63. It is one of my favourite scriptures. At least on the symbolism topic. “…all things are created and made to bare record of me.”

My seminary teacher would ask us “how much is all?” We would reply “100%.” 100% of things are created to bare record of Him. It’s hard to walk in the woods, away from the rush of the big city and not feel closer to Him.

This is probably the biggest reason I enjoy camping and snowboarding. Sitting on the top of the slope looking down at the valley, no sound but wind and my own thoughts. Sitting around a campfire listening to the fire crackle and the breeze rustle the leaves. Very awe-inspiring.

My dad used to go camping by himself. He called it “going into the house of the Lord.” He would do it when there was a big decision ahead of him. I can see why he did it. It is so peaceful. He encouraged me to do it before I went on my mission. So I did the weekend before I left. Took my scriptures and my journal and talked with the Lord about the next two years. It was awesome. A great way to clear my mind.

For me I like to look at things around me and think about Moses 6:63. I think about how every thing was created to bare record of Christ. I wonder, when looking at a tree for example, “how was this made to bare record of the creator? How does it remind me of Him.” I can come up with a few ways it does for me, and I am sure it’s different for everyone. The important part is that it brings our attention to Him.

Some of you may not believe the same as I do and that is ok. Either way, going out into the woods can bring a sense of peace to everyone in their own way. To me it is a recharging of the mind and a way to strengthen my relationship with my Creator.

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