A bit of symbolism

A bit of symbolism

We went on a hike today on Mount Washington. It was refreshing to spend time in the woods. I don’t get out as often as I would like to living in Calgary.

It reminded me of Moses 6:63. It is one of my favourite scriptures. At least on the symbolism topic. “…all things are created and made to bare record of me.”

My seminary teacher would ask us “how much is all?” We would reply “100%.” 100% of things are created to bare record of Him. It’s hard to walk in the woods, away from the rush of the big city and not feel closer to Him.

This is probably the biggest reason I enjoy camping and snowboarding. Sitting on the top of the slope looking down at the valley, no sound but wind and my own thoughts. Sitting around a campfire listening to the fire crackle and the breeze rustle the leaves. Very awe-inspiring.

My dad used to go camping by himself. He called it “going into the house of the Lord.” He would do it when there was a big decision ahead of him. I can see why he did it. It is so peaceful. He encouraged me to do it before I went on my mission. So I did the weekend before I left. Took my scriptures and my journal and talked with the Lord about the next two years. It was awesome. A great way to clear my mind.

For me I like to look at things around me and think about Moses 6:63. I think about how every thing was created to bare record of Christ. I wonder, when looking at a tree for example, “how was this made to bare record of the creator? How does it remind me of Him.” I can come up with a few ways it does for me, and I am sure it’s different for everyone. The important part is that it brings our attention to Him.

Some of you may not believe the same as I do and that is ok. Either way, going out into the woods can bring a sense of peace to everyone in their own way. To me it is a recharging of the mind and a way to strengthen my relationship with my Creator.

Your #1 asset

Your #1 asset

Sometimes I get to Sunday and think “shoot, I have a post to write”. Ya that happens pretty much every Sunday. Blogging isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. Some weeks I just don’t think about much. I just go through the motions. It sounds very sad but I would bet everyone has those weeks, frequently. 

Anyways, onto the topic of the post. Your #1 asset. 
I heard this awhile back. I am quite sure it was at a leadership conference I went to…or I read it in a book, either way, the person was talking about assets and investing. When he asked the crowd what their number one asset was he heard shouts of “House, stocks, my business”. None where correct. Our #1 asset is not the house that is rising in price, it’s not the stocks or shares on the rise, it’s not your own business. It’s you.
You are your #1 asset. I hope you aren’t disappointed but think about it. What should you invest most of your time, energy and money into. Would you invest it in your #2 asset? Your #3? No, your #1. The problem is people forget or don’t see them selves as their #1 asset. What is going to make you the most money? You. What can get you the best ROI? You. If you don’t invest in yourself, you will not become successful. 
How do you invest in your self? Do I mean to go on a shopping spree because it makes you feel on top of your world? No. 
Heres a question. How many of you read? What do you read? Fiction? Romance? Fantasy? How about self help books? “How to make friends and influence people”, “The seven habits of highly effective people”, “The compound effect”, The scriptures. Why does the term “self help” sound wrong? Don’t we all cringe a bit when we here that. “Hey, you should read this self help book”. *eye roll*
But why not invest in our selves. Why not read about how to influence people and get what you want. Why not read about how to be better at organizing our time? 
Invest time in your self. You are your #1 asset. Take time every day to improve something about you. 15 minutes every day learning a new language, scripture study, or reading a self help book on better parenting. How can you make your self better? It’s pretty funny, we would rather sit and watch a show about other people who made it work than actually going out and doing it ourselves.

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 4. Finale

Zombie Apocalypse. Part 4. Finale

Alright, lets finish off this zombie topic.

Final type is Fast Smart.

Worst case scenario and most probable. A great example of this is “I am Legend”. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. These zombies are strong, fast, and even smart enough to set up traps. How messed up is that? Not only are you running for your life from zombies, but they are setting up traps to capture you and then, Im assuming, kill you. Many people actually believe the creatures in I am Legend are NOT zombies, but some type of vampire. Either way, they are not normal humans that were infected with a “cure for cancer” that had terrible side effects 3 years later.

How could this happen? According to the movie, curing cancer caused the outbreak. Most likely though, it would probably be caused by a military experiment, trying to get super soldiers who can run faster, sleep less, and are stronger. Something goes wrong with the chemical or procedure they use and now the super solder can’t think normally. They turn back to survival instincts only and may view everyone as a threat. Some how they can sense who is also “infected” or otherwise affected by the same procedure.

What can you do to prepare for when this kind of zombie hits? Nothing. We are all screwed when this type hits. They are faster, smarter, and stronger than you. You definitely want to have lots of weapons, know how to survive on your own in the wilderness, and trust no one. My idea would be to go up north as far as I can. I don’t know for sure if the cold would have a huge effect on them, but Hitler lost Russia because of the winter so I’m hoping the zombies wont be able to last through it either. 

Well, honestly is there going to be a zombie apocalypse? Probably not. The most likely situation you will be dealing with is a natural disaster of grande proportions and other people trying to pilfer your stuff. Sadly, in all zombie movies, not only are we fighting zombies, but we are also fighting each other. We all should be prepared enough for when the power goes out, or the city cuts the water supply. I am really hoping there is never a day I have to defend my family and belongings from others, zombie or not, from killing us and taking our stuff. 



Well, it’s another sunday night/monday morning so another post is in order. I’ve been sitting on the thoughts from my last post for a week and this is how I feel.

We are moving toward the pilot idea. I took the intro flight and man, flying feels good. We have made some decisions and taken some action to move toward becoming a pilot. It’s going to take some time but I feel that it is the right thing to do. That’s the important thing right? That it feels right?

Anyways. Now we are changing the way we think and everything is about how to get me into an airplane and receiving a private pilots license. The hardest part is waiting. Not being able to just jump into it and get it done. Saving money to pay for it up front (it’s cheaper that way).  We are trying to think different. How to make extra money to put into my flying fund. We have a few ideas. Gabby is running a day home to bring in some extra, we started an amway business a while ago, and of course, I have a job. Now we are trying to think of other ways to bring in more. The private pilot license is $10,000 and unless that’s sitting in our couch, we need to do some saving.

It’s tough when you find something you want to do but can’t afford to go and do it. Frustrating mostly. What do we cut? We already don’t have TV. Cut internet? Why is it hard to chase your dreams? Or am I just too impatient? I had someone say it’s cheaper to buy a plane than to rent one for experience. yikes. Did the math. It is true. It’s cheaper by about $100,000. But really? Just go buy a plane?

Anyways, another venting post. Just typing my thoughts out while watching runner runner in Fort McMurray at 1:30 am…

Who Needs a Career Anyways!

Who Needs a Career Anyways!

Alright, I’ve got a random post for you.

Why is it so hard to figure out what I actually want to do for a living? This question has been the bane of my existence. I have never known what I want to do. I’ve never been able to say “since I was two I have always wanted to be a…” Nope, never. I have changed my mind so many times I’m losing track. Lawyer, something with psychology, accountant, software engineer, fire fighter, cop, teacher, electrician.  None of these are my passion. Thats really what I’m missing, knowing what my passion is.

I have a passion for public speaking, but I don’t know of a good way into a career with that. And no I do not actually want to be a teacher. It would be awesome to get paid to travel the world and speak to tons of people from a stage. Not sure how to get into something like that. Write a book?

We recently had a polite nudge from a bishop who recommended that we take a look at what we are doing now and if we aren’t happy then find something that will make us happy. I actually really needed that nudge. I feel I have not been taking life very seriously. Just taking jobs here and there. Hoping some opportunity pops up. Not that I don’t like what I do, I just don’t see a career in it.

So, My most recent ideas have been cop or pilot. I’m looking into both at the moment. More leaning toward the pilot. I took an intro flight with the Calgary flying club. I paid $75.00, flew over downtown and on the way back to the little air field the pilot let me take controls. Oh man, it was awesome. I would love to fly helicopter, or a fighter jet, haha, who wouldn’t want to fly one of those. Honestly I just want to fly anything right now.

The problem is $$. It can cost between $9000 and $14000 to get your private pilots license depending on how fast you can get it done. No student loans for that either. So I have to try to come up with an extra $10000+/- so I can get moving towards being a pilot. It’s not going to be easy…but man is flying awesome.

Anyways, as you can see there is a lot on my mind. Trying to figure out what will make me happy, give me meaning, and help me be a good provider for my family. And I’m 30 for heavens sake…Wait…am I having a midlife crisis???